Tuesday, July 17, 2012

50 Things that make me HAPPY!

So my friend asked me to write down 50 things that make me happy! Here yawl go!
1- Letters I love getting letters in the mail!
2- Laughing. I absolutely love to laugh
3-Alabama Football
4- The Book of Mormon!
5- The Bible
6- My friends
7- Reading my favorite books
8- Quotes
9- Making people laugh
10-Country Music
12-Mexican Food
13- Ice cream
14- my family
15- my dog -patches
16- Loving people
17- a loving GOD who never leaves my side
18- Encouragement
19- Hallmark Movies
20-The Reba Show- great laughs
21- Traveling
22- Smiling
23- Helping people out
24- Sunshine
25- the ocean
26-  mountains
27- making somebodies day
29- music- christian
30- nailpolish
32- farms
33- surprises
34- missionaries
36- shopping
37- hiking
38- sunsets
40- flying
42-roadtrip with friends
43-God's beautiful creations
44- little children
45- bath & body works
46- goodwill
47-catching up with friends
48- writing letters to my friends
49- watermelon- yum yum
50- Quiet time with GOD outside!


  1. This is such a great list Emma! We have so many of the same things on ours and then you've come up with even more things that I love and didn't even think about.
    See, I knew you'd rock this.
    Can't want to see part 2!

  2. Thanks girl I am working on it :)

  3. Emma! I love this post! you are a smart and wise woman! I agree with Sister McCall I remembered a lot of the things I love by reading your post. I would have to say my favourite one was # 50!! I love nature and I truly feel closest to God when I'm out there seeking him! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Sister Nalder Thank you!!! I LOVE YOU to the MOON and BACK!!! I am fixing to add part 2!